Total Cognition Pack

21 Supercharged Ingredients. 4 Balanced Formulas.

After years of research, we've figured out timed cognitive supplementation that can suit any lifestyle. Our synergistic blends combine the ingredients necessary to overcome brain fog, boost cognition, and promote neurogenesis and cellular regeneration in a way that no single nootropic supplement ever could.

Proven to be more cost-effective than individual ingredients alone.

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What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that target key areas of the brain to accelerate learning ability, working memory, and processing speed while being completely safe and non-toxic. To fall into this classification, a nootropic compound needs to assist in brain function, be neuroprotective, increase neuronal efficiency, and enhance cognitive performance. Nootropic supplements vary from natural extracts such as medicinal mushrooms and Ayurvedic herbs to nutraceuticals, amino acids and minerals.

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The European Standard

Mind Nutrition has been providing nootropic supplements and stacks for over 8 years, making us an established vendor with the most extensive experience of any European nootropics supplier. Built on years of working with industry leading manufacturers, from medicinal mushrooms to earth-grown extracts and minerals, our nootropics capsules and powders are independently verified by third-party labs and then produced in-house to deliver some of the most effective and highest quality products in the nootropics and supplement industry.

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